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Nadanta Research Institute

Welcome to Nadanta Research Institute, an Education Research Center committed to advancing Indian knowledge systems through cutting-edge research and training. Our mission is to promote intellectual inquiry and innovation, and to develop leaders who will contribute to a better future for all.
Research & Development
Indian Knowledge Systems

At Nadanta, we believe that research is the foundation of progress. Our team of experts is dedicated to conducting rigorous research in education and related fields, and to developing evidence-based solutions that promote excellence and equity in education. From designing and implementing pilot projects to conducting large-scale evaluations, we work with a range of stakeholders to ensure that our work is relevant, impactful, and sustainable.

Training & Capacity Building

As an Indian institution, we are deeply committed to the study and preservation of India's rich knowledge systems. Our research in this area is guided by the principles of critical inquiry, cultural sensitivity, and social relevance. We believe that a deeper understanding of India's knowledge systems can inform and enrich contemporary education, and contribute to a more inclusive and pluralistic society.

In addition to research, Nadanta offers a range of training and capacity building programs for educators, researchers, and policymakers. Our programs are designed to enhance knowledge, skills, and attitudes related to education research and practice, and to foster a community of practice that values collaboration, diversity, and continuous learning. Whether you are a novice or an experienced professional, we have a program that can meet your needs and aspirations.

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