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The Healing Programs At Nadanta Research Institute

Updated: Jul 11


WORSHIP OF DIVINE NATURE ​ Divine Nature (Mother Earth)is an embodiment of Prakriti Herself; the epitome of vitalizing and nurturing attributes as Janani (mother). Nature Connectedness is feasible only when humans comprehend their life's close-knit association with the environment. According to Shivapurana 2.2.26 and 2.2.27, 'Prapancha' and 'Yagna' denote 'Universe' and 'Worship' respectively. Its a ritual where Agni Dev, (the Fire God) acts as the intermediary between mortals and the immortals. ​ Pancha Bhutas or Five Elements - Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space frame both the individual human body as well as the greater cosmic body. These are interconnected with Pancha Tanmatras or Five Essences termed as Shabda (Sound), Sparsha (Touch), Roopa (Vision), Rasa (Taste) and Gandha (Smell). ​ In our cultural and religious tradition, the natural sources such as rivers, mountains, trees and animals are worshipped perceiving the mystic dimensions. Hence the spiritual practice of preserving fresh water bodies as Kulam & Chiras and sturdy forest in the form of Naga Kavu & Nakshatra Vanam exist. Due to the cognizance of the Cosmic Consciousness, the construction of devalayas (temples) for universal power and the worship of animals along with the deities are performed. ​ As the human race benefited the most from Prakriti, we should contribute to the ecological, genetic, social, economic, scientific, educational, cultural, recreational and aesthetic aspects for Nature's sustainability and harmony, there by offering our gratitude. PARINAMA SHAKTI (POWER OF TRANSMUTATION) Like the Saline water transfigure to Saccharine water when filtered by the clouds, sacred Tantric meditation alters your sensuality, physiological, bitter experiences, samsara into spiritual, psychological, cosmic nectar and nirvana respectively. In order to illuminate our inner blaze, create the cloud ( trance energy) relinquishing the pessimistic thoughts and worldly pleasures. Through the process of meditation, the lower consciousness transforms into higher consciousness, hence the metamorphosis of human soul.

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